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How you will receive your gifts on time

The most fun and busiest time of the year is just around the corner. :) We (PostNL & I) are already busy (luckily!) and it's only getting busier and busier.

Super cool of course, but it does mean that it may take longer before you receive your package. Do you want to receive your presents on time this year? Read my tips here!

It is also in your hands

How quickly you receive your package depends on me, it depends on PostNL, but you can also lend a helping hand.

  • Order well in advance. Check your calendar to see when you need the gifts and order well in advance.
  • Order during the week. Orders are often placed (quite understandably) on the weekend, but that means that I have to process a lot of weekend orders on Monday. And I notice that PostNL is also extra busy on Mondays, because so many weekend orders are sent. Packages that I send on Monday are sometimes not even processed by PostNL because it's a super busy day for them also. If you order during the week, I can process your order faster.
  • Will you not be at home when your package is delivered? No problem. Once I have handed your package to PostNL, you can choose delivery to the nearest PostNL location via the PostNL app. Please note: your package will remain there for a maximum of 7 days for you to pick up. This option, to pick up the package at a PostNL location, is only for Dutch and Belgium customers. 

Shipping within 1 to 3 business days

My shipping policy is: shipment within 1 to 3 business days. Normally I ship after 1 business day, but keep in mind that I do need those 3 business days in these last months of the year. If you stick to the above, everything should turn out fine and you can live relaxed towards the holidays. ^_^

Looking for gift inspiration? Check out the Cuteness.nl gift guide. There you can find gifts for different budgets. There is also a shoe gifts page. 🎁

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