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From time to time you can pre-order goodies on Cuteness.nl. These are goodies that have not yet been purchased by me. Your pre-order order will be included with my purchase order.

Why you may not order pre-order goodies together with stock goodies

You may not order pre-order goodies together with stock goodies, because pre-order goodies will be delivered later. The expected delivery time is stated on the relevant pre-order page.

It is impossible for me to properly keep track of combined orders. To avoid errors, I therefore keep pre-order goodies and stock goodies separate.

Do you want to order pre-order goodies, but also stock goodies? Then place 2 orders.

Pre-order benefits

  1. Wide choice: You have access to a much wider range than I can normally have in stock. You are, as it were, shopping at my supplier.
  2. Exclusive Items: You'll also have access to limited goodies that might not otherwise be available.
  3. No stress: You don't have to worry about any sold-out goodies, because I will buy your pre-order especially for you.
  4. Targeted purchasing: I can purchase exactly what you want, which reduces waste.
  5. Discount: You get a standard 10% discount on pre-order goodies, so you can buy relatively more.
  6. First choice: You are the first to have the newest and cutest goodies at home.
  7. Anticipation: After shopping you have something to look forward to. 🤩

When will my pre-order be delivered?

When placing a pre-order, the expected delivery time is stated on the pre-order page. Don't you remember this? Here is an overview of pre-orders that have not yet been delivered and what the expected delivery time is.

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